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In Western Australia, the then Westrail in 1996 introduced Locotrol working. A number of the Goninian GE P class were retrofitted with Locotrol equipment which permits additional units to be added to a train consist and operated remotely without a second crew.

Westrail (now AWR) prefer to operate grain trains (where the units are locotrol equipped) with a single P class at each end of the train. This operation removes the need to run around at the loading bin.

Several P class are equipped with the Locotrol equipment:
P2001,2002,2004,2005,2006,2009,2010,2011,2014 & 2016.Locotrol workings normally occur out of the Avon Depot and the Wagin sub depot.

Given below are photos of Locotrol worked trains.


P2010 at the front with P2006 at the end of a 15 wagon grain train loading at Narrogin on 30 December 2001. The wagons are the new XT type, further wagons will be collected at Beverley and York to make up a 50 wagon train.


P2001 and P2014 were the first units equipped with Locotrol, here P2014 stands in Goomalling, P2001 is at the rear of the train and is featured in the Photo below. The train crew were being given instruction on the workings of Locotrol on this day 20 July 1996.


P2001 is seen at the rear of the above train on 20 July 1996, 2001 is "pushing" the train into Dowerin.


Apologies for the quality of the above photo, but those who have visited Western Australia will know that the sun can prove a challenge to photographing trains on the railway lines orientated north-south, with a train heading south.

The reason for including this photo, is that P2002 is seen climbing Cuballing bank with an empty grain heading for Narrogin then onto the branch lines to the east. Photo taken 12 July 1999.The photo below shows the reason for my interest on this train.


P2004 was located mid-train in Locotrol mode and it is understood this was done to facilitate the train being divided at Yilliminning (east of Narrogin) with one train going onto the Kulin branch the other onto the Corrigin Branch. Photo taken 12 July 1999.


P2004 is seen again on the same train at Narrogin on 12 July 1999, the disused Narrogin signal cabin can also be seen, the signal cabin now looks great at Pinjarra where it has been rebuilt and refurbished.

It is not unusual to see Locotrol equipped units working in standard double headed mode as the use of Locotrol depends on the operational circumstances. The units can also still be used with other non equipped units.