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Geraldton and the Midwest (2)

More Photos from our area.To give an indication of locations Perenjori, below is approximately 200km by rail from Geraldton and Three Springs approximately 160kms. The two towns are approximately 60kms apart but on different railway lines.Bringo is around 30kms east of Geraldton.


How times change, and just how quickly, DA1571+DA1574 accelerate their loaded grain train out of Arrino (after loading there) and head for Geraldton on 2 April 2000. DA1571 is now in Westrail Yellow, DA1574 is in Australia Western Railroad colours and several of the XNW wagons (the aluminium wagons in the consist) are now on the Port Lincoln Division of Australia Southern Railroad.


P2015 hauls a loaded Mineral Sands train towards Narngulu on 10 November 2001. The train is seen only a couple of kilometres south of Narngulu. The first XE wagon has had its Westrail name and Logo painted out. This train consisting of 50 XE wagons has an all up gross weight of 3775 tonnes, not a bad load for a single locomotive.


DA1576 is seen at the Talc loading point at Three Springs on 8 October 2001, the last few wagons are often loaded with the loco performing the shunting. Earlier in the day the Loco is stabled away from the train and the wagons are rolled under gravity or with the aid of a tractor.


The Geraldton to Mullewa line has a number of scenic locations, here DA1571+DA1572 climb through Bringo heading to Mullewa then head south to Bowgarda. Photo taken 1 August 1999. Both units are currently painted in the Westrail yellow colour scheme.


I was aware that DA1572 was to be used for brake tests on the Talc set on the 27 July 2001 and that the morning sun would be just about right. What I did not anticipate was 99% cloud cover in the early morning. As I drove to Narngulu there was just a thin patch of clear sky visible just as the sun cleared the hills. This photo was the result, 5 minutes later the sun had gone and it rained for most of the day.