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8120 hauls NR115 away from Kewdale heading to Woodbridge Triangle for turning the NR on 6 October 2001


Seen here is Hammersley Iron's SD50 loaded on a truck in Kewdale (Perth) prior to its journey north on 4 June 1982


NR100 shunts the Indian Pacific at the East Perth Terminal on 7 June 1999. In the top left the new Midland line tunnel portal can be seen, before the tracks to the right were relocated.


Not living in Perth the opportunity to photograph some locos is limited so you have to take what you can on short visits. Here is Freight Australia's G530+520 at Forrestfield on 24 December 2000.


CLP10+GM45+GM47 shunt the Toll Rail Depot at Kewdale on 2 June 2000.
A special thanks to Toll Rail for allowing me access to photograph the unusual appearance of the two GM's.


8118 shunts the National Rail Depot at Kewdale on 2 June 2000.


Q317 with the Westrail name painted out and AWR logos applied seen at Forrestfield on 20 July 2001.


Ex 422 ANR 2204 then named Katherine at Forrestfield on 2 June 2001.

TA1813 DL40 & NR118 Rail Transport Museum  Bassendean 15 Nov 98.jpg

United Goninan's TA1813 is seen on display with DL40 & NR118 at the Rail Transport Museum's Railfest on 15 November 1998.