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Forrestfield Loco Depot -1980


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Forrestfield Loco Depot was the main locomotive depot for Westrail and until the nineties it was possible to see a significant number of the Westrail locomotive fleet.

Today Australia Western has a stabling area, the main depot being occupied by EDI Clyde. Stabled are a number of the standard gauge locos, there are a few narrow gauge units, mostly stowed.

In 1980 there was a good selection of loco classes present as these photos display.


At the northern end of the main building on 25 May 1980 we found (from left) KA212, L258,L256 & X1028. Not one standard Westrail liveried unit amongst them.


W931 had been removed from storage at Midland and transferred to Forrestfield prior to it's trip east to the Pichi Richi Railway, it is seen in company with X1030 Mooroon and X1026 Mangala on 6 August 1980.


X1012 Ballardong, X1028 Meeraman, RA1906 & B1608 on 16 August 1980.


J102 at left and KA212 now in Westrail colours on 16 August 1980.


L275, H4 & L274 on 6 August 1980.


B1604, X1010 Arawodi & A1510 on 25 May 1980.

Note, these photos were taken with permission at that time, (in the days before reflectorised vests and track access permits, a lot more engines and shunting movements too).